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Two important dates: February 25th and March 8th

Mining hearings set to begin; annual St. Mary's party follows

Engineers: St. Lawrence Cement plant design has not kept pace with the ‘state-of-the-art’

DEC asked to review German success with advanced pollution control technology

‘Peerless’ jazz pianist will perform for Friends' benefit on Feb. 9

HUDSON, N.Y. -- Friends of Hudson is proud to present the Francesca Tanksley Trio in a benefit concert at the Pleshakov Music Center in Hudson on Sunday, February 9. Ms. Tanksley is an internationally-acclaimed jazz pianist and composer who lives and works in the Hudson Valley.


DEC Commissioner’s ruling provides road map for stopping St. Lawrence Cement cement project

NEWSBREAK : Cement plant project will go to trial – Initial reaction to first ruling of DEC Commissioner

HUDSON, N.Y. (12/6/02) -- One day before the one-year anniversary of a strong ruling by two administrative judges, DEC Commissioner Erin Crotty issued the first 31 pages of a two-part ruling on appeals submitted to her last February.

New, bipartisan letter calls for full trial of cement plant issues

Ten elected officials representing Columbia County have sent a letter to Governor George Pataki, urging his administration to hold a full trial (or "adjudication") on the coal-fired St. Lawrence Cement proposal.

Over 10,000 petition signatures against SLC mailed to area officials

Petitions bearing the names of over 10,000 people opposed to St. Lawrence Cement’s coal-fired “Greenport proposal” were mailed today to twenty-four different officials in Columbia County and the Hudson Valley, as well as State and Federal officials.

As goes New Hampshire...

The Register-Star, which recently launched its website, reports that New Hampshire has joined the list of New England states challenging the massive, coal-fired St. Lawrence Cement plant proposed here in Columbia County, NY.

Saturday outreach puts a 'friendly' face on cement plant opposition

Volunteers leaflet, gather signatures, and discuss the plant face-to-face all over Columbia County

The Hudson at Risk

This time of year most lawns suddenly sprout election placards.