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The Times and Globe blast SLC: Take action today!

In the space of three days, both the Boston Globe and the New York Times have editorialized prominently against the coal-fired St. Lawrence Cement proposal:

Click HERE to read the Globe editorial, and click HERE to read the Times editorial.

The Globe wrote in its lead editorial on Sunday, November 16th: "This should not even be considered... A new coal-burning plant in the Northeast is a nonstarter."

And on Tuesday, November 18th, the Times editorialized that: "The new plant would be an enormous eyesore [and] would unleash a plume of pollutants endangering everyone downwind, including residents of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine."

You can take direct action today to support the messages of these editorials:

1. Fax New York governor George Pataki using an online form: Click HERE.

2. Email Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney: Click HERE.

3. Letters to the editor supporting the Times's and Globe's editorial positions are helpful as well. To write the Globe click HERE; for the Times click HERE.

4. Donate to Friends of Hudson's fund to continue adjudicating key issues (this month: traffic and noise) at the State level by clicking HERE.

To download (1.3 MB) a xeroxed copy of the Times editorial as a flyer that you can hand out, click HERE.