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* Opponents applaud “swift and strong” response by agencies

HUDSON, N.Y. -- Officials from both the New York State and the Army Corps of Engineers are now investigating substantial earthworks which were undertaken without any written permits amid a freshwater wetland by St. Lawrence Cement last Friday.

Friends of Hudson lead attorney Jeffrey S. Baker learned on Monday that DEC would send a wetlands biologist to assess the extent of damage done by the unpermitted work. Four investigators with a DEC truck were spotted onsite Tuesday. “This work by SLC required written permits that the company failed to obtain,” said Baker, explaining that any action within 100 feet of a wetland would trigger a permit review under State law. “A company of their size should have systems and controls in place to prevent this kind of wholesale destruction of sensitive areas.”

Based on photographic “before and after” evidence, Baker estimated that 2 to 4 acres may have been disturbed by the unpermitted widening of a former railbed through the South Bay, a once-famous body of water that has suffered from industrial degradation in the past century.
Link: bulldozes.html