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Register-Star to run correction of editorialSole newspaper supporter of SLC agrees to run part, but not all of Friends rebuttal

The Register-Star has agreed to run a correction to its Monday, April 7th editorial, in which its publisher incorrectly claimed that Friends of Hudson is "a major part" of the Citizens Environmental Coalition.

Last week, CEC chose St. Lawrence Cement for its "Dirty Dozen Awards" ceremony in Albany, highlighting particularly egregious polluters throughout New York State. Contrary to the Register's assertion, Friends of Hudson is neither a "major part" nor even a minor part of CEC. In fact, Friends of Hudson has had no prior involvement with CEC before nominating St. Lawrence for the awards, which were chosen by an independent panel of experts.

Citing space considerations, however, the Register-Star has declined to print in full a rebuttal to publisher Molenda's editorial. The full text of Friends of Hudson's response can be read by clicking HERE.