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Poughkeepsie Journal: Protect Olana from industrial blight like SLC

POUGHKEEPSIE -- In an editorial both stern and celebratory, The Poughkeepsie Journal has bolstered its staunch opposition earlier this summer to the massive, coal-fired St. Lawrence Cement plant.

The Journal delivered its message in the context of a $250,000 Federal "Save America's Treasures" grant to Olana State Historic site, which will help speed up the restoration of chimneys on Frederick Edwin Church's "architectural masterpiece in Columbia County."

Turning to a very different type of chimney, the paper cautioned that the mistake made in 2001, when State officials permitted "a gigantic power plant nearby in Athens, Greene County" in the Olana viewshed, should not be repeated: "Despite vehement community opposition, [Athens Gen] was permitted with unseemly haste under New York's too-lax Article X."

Today, it noted, the "Department of Environmental Conservation is still reviewing plans by St. Lawrence Cement to build a massive new plant near Greenport, a few miles north of the Dutchess County line. The facility would be way out of scale with the rural area, and it would emit too many pollutants. Its 366-foot preheater tower and a 406-foot stack would be the tallest structure between New York City and Albany -- and only three miles from Olana."

To read the entire editorial, click HERE.