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Over 10,000 petition signatures against SLC mailed to area officials

Petitions bearing the names of over 10,000 people opposed to St. Lawrence Cement’s coal-fired “Greenport proposal” were mailed today to twenty-four different officials in Columbia County and the Hudson Valley, as well as State and Federal officials.

Residents who have yet to sign the petition can do so online by clicking HERE.

“These signatures are one more sign of how widespread and determined the opposition to St. Lawrence’s plans has become,” said Sam Pratt, Executive Director of Friends of Hudson. “When we reached 1,000 petition signers a couple of years ago, we thought that was already a lot,” “Now we have ten times as many, and residents concerned about their health are still coming forward, eager to sign.”

The text of the main petition reads:

To whom it may concern: St. Lawrence Cement poses a major threat to our health, economy, and environment. In spite of its unprecedented size, the project offers no real tax or job benefits. It would reverse the steady progress we have all worked so hard for. With leadership, we can attract better jobs without shredding the fabric of our communities. Must we sacrifice our homes and families in favor of a Swiss/Canadian corporation with a bad track record? As parents, voters, workers, entrepreneurs, and taxpayers, we call on you to prevent this plant from destroying what we love about this area, and to work with us to find sound solutions to our common problems.

The signatures also include copies of cards and other independent petitions that have been created and gathered by various residents at area businesses, events, and on the streets. Officials receiving petitions range from the Hudson Planning Board to the Army Corps of Engineers.

”We actually have nearly 11,000 names now, but the process of collating such a large number of petitions into two dozen sets is so complex that this mailing only covers through late September,” noted Pratt. “We will continue collecting signatures and bringing them to officials’ attention until this project is stopped.”

Those who wish to help collect more paper petitions can contact Sue Bellinger at the Friends of Hudson office, (518) 822-0334.