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Our Current Projects

Sprawl education and empowerment

Friends of Hudson will take a leadership role in the long-term prevention of sprawl in Columbia County by providing tools and strategies to municipal leaders and the public. FoH’s sprawl project is designed to complement other anti-sprawl and land preservation efforts by eliminating the confusion in which sprawl flourishes. We will provide graphic and fact-based tools to encourage enlightened land use at the local level as well as regional cooperation among towns. Finally, the project will be a replicable model for other communities.

Air Monitor acquisition and management

Making a case for better air quality requires the establishment of long-term baseline measurements from the area in question. The FoH Air Monitoring Initiative will put air monitoring tools in the hands of citizens in such a way as to provide meaningful data not otherwise generated, maximize the educational potential for students at various levels, and mobilize communities as warranted when pollution threats have been identified.

We will acquire and arrange for the support of local air monitors. This initiative will accomplish three objectives:
Complement existing regional air monitoring capacity now limited to a few stations operated by DEC Provide data for independent oversight of polluting industries in the region and Develop a more knowledgeable and active constituency to advocate for further improvements in air quality.
Lafarge Cement Tire Burning opposition

Despite FoH’s legal and technical arguments, and the mobilization of hundreds in opposition, the DEC has issued the final Permit for Lafarge to burn 4-6 million tires (TDF) per year at its Ravena Cement Plant.
We will continue to closely monitor this issue with particular attention to Lafarge’s air permit compliance because of their prior track record of permit deviances. We will consider whether we have a case to file a Citizens’ Clean Air Act lawsuit.
Speaker Series

In September 2005 Friends of Hudson began a monthly Speaker Series featuring topics of interest to our members and the public. While some of the events in the series are not directly related to current FoH projects, all are related to our overall mission and goals.

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