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NEWS FLASH: Lochbrunner replaced as SLC Greenport manager

HUDSON (NY) -- St. Lawrence Cement has quietly announced to a few select members of the press that their project director, Phillip Lochbrunner, has been replaced.

Lochbrunner took over in 2000 from Dirk Cox, the original Greenport project manager. The original environmental managerfor the project, Denise Brubaker, also stepped down that year. As with Brubaker, SLC claims that Lochbrunner is leaving to pursue a "consulting career," including occasional consulting for his previous employer.

During this five-year-long controversy, St. Lawrence has gone through a dizzying succession of managers and also public relations agents (Kyle Benziger, Phil Pepe, and lately Dan Odescalchi). The president of Montreal-based SLC has changed in the last year as well.

The continual shifts in key SLC personnel point up the problem of holding a foreign-owned company of this size to its promises, when its staff are constantly shifting. Such turnovers in company leadership demonstrate why one cannot rely on "handshake agreements" based on personal relationships with project leaders -- especiallly when the health and quality of life of residents is at stake.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the opposing groups has remained firmly in place, as opposition to this ill-conceived project continues to grow unabated. Friends of Hudson's commitment to our communities and region is steadfast.

SLC says that David Loomes, a South African-born accountant who was a planner for the company's Ontario Division, and has worked on the Greenport project of late, will replace Lochbrunner.