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New plant visual emerges -- but from where?

A never-before-seen visualization of the proposed St. Lawrence Cement plant has emerged, but the source of the image is as yet unknown.

A publication covering the issue contacted Friends of Hudson on the assumption that a second-generation color xerox they had received had originated with the organization. However, no opponents of the plant have ever seen this image of the "Greenport project" before.

Several clues indicate that the rendering most likely comes from St. Lawrence Cement. While most who have seen the image describe it as horrifying, the image shows the proposal from a relatively flattering vantage point.

By setting the point-of-view up in the air, not on the ground, the visualization minimizes the project's apparent size. And by viewing the plant lengthwise, the extreme sprawl of the plant is diminished somewhat through forshortening. (One person familiar with SLC's application also noted that, by failing to show how the quarry around the plant would be leveled, the image also may give the false impression that some structures would be partially "buried" in the topography.)

In addition, by looking into the quarry instead of toward Hudson, the plant's proximity to Columbia Memorial Hospital and other key sites is not made apparent. Nor does this image show the proposal in relation to everyday objects, such as cars or people, which would be almost invisible at this scale.

Nevertheless, since the plant is so enormous, even this flawed image has provoked disturbed reactions from most viewers. Any information or theories readers have about the source of this image can be emailed to Friends of Hudson.