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Major Connecticut paper adds voice to plant fight

NEW HAVEN (CONN.) -- The New Haven Register came out on November 28th against the proposed St. Lawrence Cement plant. To read the entire editorial, click HERE.

The strongly-worded editorial adds a major Connecticut paper's voice to the many other regional and national publications that have taken a stand on the issue (see earlier summary, below).

The Register's editorial board was incredulous that New York State would contemplate building such a vast coal-burning facility, even as it joins with neighboring governors and attorneys general to crack down on pollution from neighboring states: "If New York allows construction of this coal-fired plant, it would badly undercut the lawsuit filed by it and Connecticut, among other Northeast states, to stop pollution from coal-fueled Midwest power plants that drifts into the region."

The New Haven-based paper, which has a paid daily circulation of 96,000 (and an estimated daily readership of 225,000), concluded that "The plant would be an eyesore on the Hudson and a regional polluter. The New England states, including Connecticut, should protest strongly..."

Letters to the editor of the New Haven Register can sent via email by clicking HERE.