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Lafarge Submits Air Permit Application

First of 3 Major Steps in Application Process for Ravena Plant Modernization; Company expects to submit DEIS in June

FoH's experts are reviewing the submission and gearing up for

On April 20, 2009 Lafarge submitted a Draft Title V Air Permit Application for the proposed modernization of its cement plant in Ravena. This is one of the three primary documents that the NYS DEC will review in determining whether to grant a permit for the proposed modernization to go forward. The other two documents are the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) and the Draft Permit. Each, after review by DEC, is expected to be noticed for Public Comment. When the DEIS is noticed for Public Comment there will also be a Public Hearing on the proposed project.

Friends of Hudson has long been concerned about the effects of the Ravena operation on human health and the environment. The existing plant has been operating for 47 years with old technology and has been cited on many occasions as among the most polluting industrial facilities in the region. It is fourth among the top ten mercury emitting cement plants in the country.

FoH continues to be cautiously optimistic about this proposal