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For the second time, the New York State Department of State's Division of Coastal Resources has extended its public comment period on the massive, coal-fired St. Lawrence Cement proposal. To learn more about the review process and how you can participate, click HERE.

This second extension -- to March 18th -- follows a major and belated new submission by the company, which prompted intervenor groups to file a letter of protest that St. Lawrence was trying to "game" the process and deny the public a fair opportunity to comment.

"This extension helps address St. Lawrence's blatant attempts to sandbag the review process," said Friends of Hudson executive director Sam Pratt on Thursday. "All these complications could have been avoided if SLC had just followed the process in good faith -- by submitting a complete application from the start, rather than rushing to start the clock and withholding key data. This company keeps trying and failing to game the system."

Friends of Hudson, The Hudson Valley Preservation Coalition, and The Olana Partnership filed a joint letter with the DOS Division of Coastal Resources on February 16th, requesting a second extension of the SLC comment period. This request was made because St. Lawrence filed more than 350 pages of information, including many new and updated documents never seen before by any agency.

Pratt also noted that "Just two weeks before the end of a 10-week comment period, SLC dumped hundreds of pages of documents on State regulators. Contrary to the company's spin, their last-minute filing contains lots of information never before seen by any agency. We're heartened that the State is taking some steps today to prevent this Swiss-owned company from undermining the process."