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As goes New Hampshire...

The Register-Star, which recently launched its website, reports that New Hampshire has joined the list of New England states challenging the massive, coal-fired St. Lawrence Cement plant proposed here in Columbia County, NY.

New Hampshire State Represenative Martha Fuller Clark "has joined other New England officials, such as Maine Gov. Angus S. King Jr., and Connecticut state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, in raising concerns about St. Lawrence's plans," writes the Register Joseph Brill.

In response, SLC's paid ghostwriter from Dutchess County, Dan Odescalchi, trots out the usual company lines about the project being a "replacement plant." Mr. Odescalchi fails to mention that:

-- The company's alleged "replacement" would produce some 3.5 times as much cement as their Catskill plant;

-- The new Greenport facility would include a stack over 4 times taller than their existing Catskill stack, and be moved to within 1 mile of the only hospital serving the Twin Counties;

-- The Catskill "replacement" would include the waste dump for the new plant;

-- SLC has also applied for the "replaced" Catskill location to become the site to a new GranCem bagging operation that would generate 6,600 extra truck trips per year.

In addition officials such as Maine's Governor and Connecticut's Attorney General (who has signalled his intention to sue New York State if the Greenport proposal is approved), numerous Massachusetts officials and agencies have also expressed deep concern. New York's consideration of building a major coal-fired facility could be viewed as a slap in the face of its NorthEast neighbors, who have joined in common cause with New York to crack down on coal-fired power plants in the MidWest which dump acid rain and other pollutants in the Adirondack lakes and the Catskills.