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Editorials from the North, South, East -- and locally

Editorials addressing the vast, coal-fired St. Lawrence Cement proposal have been popping up all around Columbia County, as well as locally:

* From the South, the Poughkeepsie Journal blasted the project in a Sunday editorial, writing that "State officials should not allow a massive cement plant to be built in Columbia County... A project of this massive size in a critical scenic venue cannot be supported."

* To the North (and also on Sunday), the Albany Times-Union cited the need for a full examination of issues such as "particulate matter emissions from the plant's smokestack, the visual impact that such a large-scale project might have on the picturesque landscape, possible damage to wetlands, and the overall effect on the community," acknowledging that "all are serious concerns."

* To the East on Tuesday, the Berkshire Eagle applauded Massachusetts and New York leaders for working together to crack down on MidWestern polluters whose emissions drift into their states -- but then called on New York's governor to "recognize the dire environmental threat in his and our backyard: the new St. Lawrence Cement plant proposed for Greenport, N.Y. If Mr. Pataki backs a 400-foot smokestack to rain pollution on Massachusetts, he can't very well complain when someone in Ohio does the same thing to his state."

* And right here in Columbia County, the Independent reminded readers (in the context of another issue) that "This newspaper is on record as opposing the current application by St. Lawrence Cement."