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Cement plant battle hits Page One

The Sunday, June 2nd edition of The Albany-Times includes a four-page spread on the St. Lawrence Cement "Greenport project," starting on the front page. Just a few of the headlines from the special report, many of them quoting directly from the company's own application:

"Levels of 7 pollutants would rise" (p. A10)

Plume: "In winter, it could be up to six miles long" (p. A9)

"The proposed cement plant plant would be a highly dominant visual element." (p. A9)

"Development of the proposed project would increase traffic in the surrounding area" (p. A10)

"In total, there is no net new spending in the regional economy in the future" (p. A11)

The suite of articles can be accessed online by clicking HERE, but readers may want to pick up a hard copy to see the full range of charts, graphics, and photos, including the one below.

L to R: HCSD teacher Cyndy Hall, former cement worker and WAMC commentator Ned Depew, high school student Sunni Calise, former HDC board member Sue Bellinger, Friends of Hudson Executive Director Sam Pratt and President Jim Cashen, retired teacher John Fish MacPherson, Hudson hotelier Anne O'Connor, lifelong resident Lisa Heintz Makas and son, "Second Show" hospital thrift store manager Carol Lavendar.