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Take Action Today

Support our legal and scientific challenges by becoming a Friends of Hudson member. All donations are tax-deductible, and dues are voluntary ($25-50 per year is typical). For more information on making a donation, click HERE.

Host a small or large gathering to spread the word among your circle of friends. Friends of Hudson directors are available to make a presentation if you want to host a coffee or brunch meeting, or a dinner or cocktail party. It does not have to be fancy - it's the people that count. Click HERE to send an email to get more information.

Call your local elected officials and let them know where you stand. Numbers are available from our office, (518) 822-0334.

Volunteer at the Friends of Hudson office. We have many regular volunteers who devote between 3 hours a week and 3 hours a month. Call our office, (518) 822-0334, to become a Friends volunteer, or send an email instead.

Lend your expertise. Friends of Hudson benefits from the expertise of members with a specialties in various areas (from legal issues to visualization to community organizing). If you have an unusual skill to share with the group, please give us a call (822-0334) or send an EMAIL.

Attend one of our upcoming meetings, parties, or special events.

Check the HOME PAGE for details or call (518) 822-0334.

When in doubt, call! Got another idea? A question? A brilliant scheme? Our office number once again: (518) 822-0334.